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Custom Audio & Home Threaters

Tec Lynx offers Free Estimates on all Audio Visual Solutions. Call us Today at (504) 518-6825

How do I select which speakers are best for my home theater?

When choosing a set of speakers for your home theater, start with the center channel. On average, the center channel is included in 50% of an entire movie soundtrack and reproduces over 90% of the dialogue

How should I arrange speakers for surround sound?

No point reinventing the wheel. Dolby® (a pioneer in the world of surround sound) has a really great interactive tool to help you plan for, and arrange, a room full of speakers connected to your home theater receiver.

Mistakes to avoid when preparing your home for a whole-house audio system.

A little planning goes a long way toward making the installation of your whole-house audio system trouble free. Avoid these common mistakes and you are well on your way.

What cable should I run for surround sound?

Other than the subwoofer, all of the speakers in a surround sound setup (front left, center, front right plus all of the surround speakers and height speakers) are typically powered with amplifiers already built into the home theater receiver.

For short cable runs inside the room, it is difficult for an amplified signal to pick up outside interference so regular, unshielded speaker cable will do. We recommend 14 gauge cable because, in our experience, it is difficult to notice a performance improvement with anything thicker.

When running cable behind a wall or in the ceiling, most building codes will require that you use UL rated CL-3 cable which has a higher fire retardancy than typical clear jacket cable. And because cables run behind ceilings and walls tend to be longer and potentially closer to electrical cables, we add a layer of shielding to this type of cable.

What is a Music Streamer?

A music streamer is a device that can play audio stored in another location. Most streamers can pull content from the internet using services such as Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, and some can pull audio stored on your phone or a hard drive located on your home network. They are a must-have for today’s whole-house audio systems.

Do I really need a powered subwoofer?

Many people still cling to the idea that a powered subwoofer is only necessary if you are using small bookshelf speakers. While a powered subwoofer can, and usually should be used to assist in the bass reproduction of every channel, its main purpose in home theater is to reproduce the Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel. This channel (the ".1" in a "5.1" or "7.1" recording) was introduced with Dolby Digital and DTS and offers a completely unique conduit for low frequency information and effects. If you don't have a powered subwoofer, you're completely missing out on this exciting stream of low frequency information.

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Custom Audio Video Solutions for my Business

Let us help you customize you business needs from in-ceiling speakers to a custom conference room, We are here to help. Call us today for your Free Estimate (504) 518-6825.

What is Music For Business?

Music For Business is a solution offered by us that provides businesses with customizable music playlists to enhance their customers’ in-store experience.

Is the music licensed for commercial use?

At Tec Lynx, your business is always protected with our full commercial licensing. We ensure your peace of mind by including relevant PROs (ASCAP, BMI, and SOCAN) for businesses in the U.S.A and Canada. For licensed music needs outside of these regions, simply contact our team. We're here to help.

How do I get started with Music For Business?

Contact us to learn more and start enhancing your customers’ in-store experience with Music For Business. Call (504) 518-6825

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