About Us

Tec Lynx is a new company with great ideas and has been producing satisfied customers for the last 2 years; this has enabled us to improve our quality over time. Our Owner has been in the security field for over 15 years now and knows exactly what it thats to ensure your safety. We provide alarm systems, 24/7 monitoring, security camera installations along with networking and our team has been able to exceed the expectations of our customers. You will not only see that you and your family feels safe but you will also be able to realize the quality of our equipment and the pride we put into our work. Our quality is reflected in the services we provide.

Selecting a technical contractor is a painstaking job, as you can never be sure whether the selected contractor is qualified enough to help you assist with the task at hand. Then there is also a slight thought at the back of your mind that they may not show up, or will not be able to give you the expected output. So it is always better to find a company that is offering you a variety of brands that you can choose from and they must be able to install what your heart is hooked on to. Moreover it is always better that your selected company shares their plans of how everything you want will be executed. It is also of value to take a test run before you bid farewell to the contractor. Tec Lynx offers you to test their installations along with offering you a wide variety of brands and technicians you can trust and who will never ditch you at the last moment.